Professionally managed holiday rentals

Elite Wealth


Professionally managed holiday rentals and long term leases all rolled into one! Together, we'll earn more from your property.


Flexible rental strategies

We maximize occupancy and boost your earnings all year-round with a combination of short-stays and long term tenancies.


5-Star guest reviews.


We’ve got it covered

Everything is taken care of including furnishing, bookings, guests, housekeeping, maintenance or even finding a suitable long term tenant.

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We make space more valuable.


By creating tailored rental strategies to suit any homeowner across various regions, we help unlock the true value of homes. So whether you want greater flexibility, more control, or simply extra cash. Let’s go get it.


We’ve got tech!

We utilize market-leading technology to optimize your holiday rental’s performance and supercharge your rental income.

  • Your property at-a-glance. See what’s happening and what you’re earning, - feeling in control has never been so simple.

  • Check out who’s staying, and open or close dates on your calendar at the touch of a button. It’s your home, so use it however and whenever you want to.

  • Earnings analysis made easy. We all need to see figures, so you can view detailed breakdowns over months or years.


Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is the process of adjusting the nightly rates of short-term rentals using different variables such as the demand and supply in your city; allowing us to maximize homeowners’ revenue. This process of holiday rental management requires vast amounts of data and market expertise. At Elite Wealth Property Management, we’re sure to deliver 38% above market average at a 94% occupancy rate.


Host dashboard

Your property is one of your biggest assets so we make your holiday rental’s performance and insights as transparent as possible. With industry leading technology - you can now monitor your property’s performance stats when and where you need it.

Our channels

About 75% of our bookings come through Airbnb, but through listing your property across multiple holiday rental OTAs, including Stayz, Vrbo,, Agoda and more, we're able to increase your average nightly rate while maintaining exceptional occupancy.


Our Team

We’re a team of highly experienced Property Management experts, fully dedicated to deliver the “Wow” effect for our homeowners and guests. Customers are at the heart of what we do, and our team takes pride in always going above and beyond the norm by transforming ordinary properties into amazing high performing assets.

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